New 6.1.1 firmware

Today a new table version has been released, namely 6.1.1. •NEW: Presence Analytics now offers a “last_seen_signal” value •FIX: Improved reliability of Ethernet connectivity on the MR-series and OM5P-AC •FIX: Prevents DHCP packets from being improperly forwarded over LAN on the MR-series •FIX: Daisy -chained APs show more accurate mesh speeds over their Ethernet link •FIX:

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Introduction MR1750

In August 2015, an 802.11ac model was also added, the MR1750. This allows even higher speeds to be achieved (450+1300). This unit is initially sold as an AC-ready model. At launch, the throughput is comparable to the popular MR900. High speed ac options will become available via future firmware updates

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Cloudtrax v4

We are working hard on even more functionality for cloudtrax. This additional functionality has been included in a new version of the cloudtrax portal (v4). The beta version of this new cloudtrax portal can currently be used. To do this, go to “Advanced” | “CloudTrax 4 Beta Opt-in” Then enter the following

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Introduction OM5P-AN

As of today, a new openmesh model is available again. It is the OM5P-AN that runs on both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz. The access point is housed in the same small housing as the OM2P/OM5P and therefore also fits in the existing optional open mesh housings. There are also 3 internal antennas. One for the 2.4Ghz and two

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New 5xx firmware

Today a new 5xx firmware was released. This upgrade is being rolled out to everyone already running the 5xx firmware (the networks with 4xx firmware are not yet updated). The firmware contains a number of important fixes and improvements to improve the performance of your network and the CloudTrax dashboard. The update is completely automatic. After

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5XX firmware

At the same time as the introduction of the OM5P, the version 5xx firmware became available. This is a significant improvement for CloudTrax. It looks familiar, but under the hood it's completely new, with a host of new features and improved functionality. Currently 5xx firmware is only available for the OM5P,

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The new r481 firmware has recently been released. This is the first official stable release since r397. The r481 software has been tested in recent weeks and provided very positive feedback, after which the rollout to all Cloudtrax networks has now started. If the “Disable Automatic Upgrades” option is not enabled, your network will



The beta of our latest dashboard feature rollout begins. It includes a number of changes: Mesh encryption: Beginning with this beta it'll be possible to WPA encrypt the mesh network. The encryption serves as protection against traffic eavesdropping and against rogue node joining your network. The mesh encryption setting is to be found under the



With the latest dashboard update 2 highly popular feature requests were addressed: All Network Map * Display all networks belonging to your master account on the map. * Indicate the status of each network through colored status icons: * Red: one or more gateways down * Yellow: one or more repeaters down * Green: all