The future of Open-Mesh is ... Plasma-Cloud

Open-Mesh has been taken over by Datto and Datto has changed the business model. If you now want to buy new hardware from Datto, you have to pay a monthly fee per device. Most Open-Mesh customers prefer not to have this. 

As the official Open-Mesh distributor, has bought a very large stock that falls under the “old” scheme, whereby you get a Cloudtrax license for free without monthly costs. At the moment, most models are still available and therefore you can continue with Open-Mesh and Cloudtrax products without monthly costs.

In addition, the former Open-Mesh developers have also developed a new cloud portal as well as new hardware. This new solution is called Plasma-Cloud. This hardware is also available from stock. In this new portal you can use the new Plasma-Cloud hardware and also in combination with the Open-Mesh access points.

More information about the new hardware and portal is available at .

The following video will help you understand more about Open Mesh and Plasma Cloud: