Nieuwe 6.1.1 firmware

Vandaag is er een nieuwe stabel versie vrijgegeven, namelijk 6.1.1.

•NEW: Presence Analytics now offers a “last_seen_signal” value
•FIX: Improved reliability of Ethernet connectivity on the MR-series and OM5P-AC
•FIX: Prevents DHCP packets from being improperly forwarded over LAN on the MR-series
•FIX: Daisy-chained APs show more accurate mesh speeds over their Ethernet link
•FIX: Removes unnecessary host routes on SSIDs that are configured for bridging/VLANs
•FIX: We no longer enable Roaming VLANs on SSIDs that are bridged with a VLAN tag
•FIX: Resolves an issue where the OM5P-AC’s 5GHz radio could stop broadcasting
•FIX: Corrects a situation where the OM5P-AC doesn’t show TX rate for a 2.4GHz client
•FIX: Temperature monitor properly disables 5GHz radio when excessive heat is reached (OM5P-AC and OM5P-AN only)
•FIX: Many other improvements to overall network configuration and stability, WiFi scheduling, auto-channel, site survey, health-care, and check-in