Release nieuwe stable release : firmware 6.3.15

Changes below since 6.2.12:

NEW: IGMP Proxy support (see Configure -> Advanced)
NEW: Configuration changes to one SSID won’t disrupt other SSIDs
NEW: External splash page now sends CIP parameter (for client IP) in addition to client_mac
NEW: Client sessions are now reported back to CloudTrax in the event an AP’s local session cache is purged for any reason; this will ensure that the built-in splash-page won’t unexpectedly appear prior to the client force timeout or session timeout being reached.
FIX: Band Steering no longer consumes high amount of CPU preventing clients from joining SSID
FIX: Bridged clients won’t get non-bridged DHCP on initial AP boot
FIX: Uploaded images to splash page can now support 250 character filenames
FIX: Improves reliability of automatic self-heal mode changes from Gateway -> Repeater
FIX: Resolves a situation where disabling DNS Intercept could prevent DNS from working
FIX: Internet Check better handles when wired clients are connected
FIX: Certain model POE switches no longer experience gateways switching to repeater
FIX: Performance of an encrypted SSID would degrade if 802.11r was enabled
FIX: Redirection from a URL with “res” parameter (to external splash page) no longer causes loop
FIX: Addresses an edge-case where clients could potentially bypass a splash page (including blocked clients)
FIX: Logout of a voucher (which isn’t supported) no longer redirects you to
FIX: Resolves SSH segmentation fault with Dropbear
FIX: Significant improvements to the configuration/reconfiguration of bridged SSIDs (including VLANs)
FIX: WMM Power Save now works for 802.11n devices in addition to 802.11ac (which was already supported)
FIX: Change to radio channel is now logged on the AP; log buffer size increased to 128KB
FIX: Out-of-box 2.4GHz channel, prior to configuration, is now CloudTrax default of 6 instead of 5

Known issues: The Neighbor list might not always be populated, we’re aware and working on a fix.
NOTE: Due to higher memory requirements, this version does not support OM1P, MR500 and OM2Pv1 devices. The OM1P/MR500 are legacy devices and limited to 481 firmware on “legacy” networks only, the OM2P is supported only to 6.1.2, and the OM2P (32 MB) is supported only up to 590 firmware.
More info about supported devices is found here: