Release nieuwe 6.4 versie (beta)

Changes made since 6.3.15: NEW: AP Mesh over 5GHz now supported on 802.11ac devices (A-series, MR1750, OM5P-AC) NEW: Airtime Fairness on 2.4GHz, to improve download throughput and provide equal access to clients NEW: Throughput-based Mesh routing provided by B.A.T.M.A.N version 5 NEW: Linux OS change from OpenWrt to LEDE Project (, containing many performance and […]

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Nieuwe 6.1.1 firmware

Vandaag is er een nieuwe stabel versie vrijgegeven, namelijk 6.1.1. •NEW: Presence Analytics now offers a “last_seen_signal” value •FIX: Improved reliability of Ethernet connectivity on the MR-series and OM5P-AC •FIX: Prevents DHCP packets from being improperly forwarded over LAN on the MR-series •FIX: Daisy-chained APs show more accurate mesh speeds over their Ethernet link •FIX:

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