With the latest dashboard update 2 highly popular feature requests were addressed:

All Network Map
* Display all networks belonging to your master account on the map.
* Indicate the status of each network through colored status icons:
* Red: one or more gateways down
* Yellow: one or more repeaters down
* Green: all up
* If you click on the status icon, it will display an infobox with a mini-map of all access points within that network.
* If you click on the network name link within the infobox, it will take you to the detailed map of the network.

Delete a Network
* Select “Delete Network” option from the dropdown menu on the edit page.
* Delete Network page will show all networks within your account.
* Select a network you want to delete.
* Only empty networks will be deleted, therefore please make sure you delete all access points on a network prior to deleting the network.