The beta of our latest dashboard feature rollout begins. It includes a number of changes:

Mesh encryption:
Beginning with this beta it’ll be possible to WPA encrypt the mesh network. The encryption serves as protection against traffic eavesdropping and against rogue node joining your network. The mesh encryption setting is to be found under the advanced settings tab where it replaces the ‘block alien node’ checkbox.

Auto-rescue mode:
Firmware and dashboard work hand in hand to deliver a new automated rescue mode which allows hopelessly lost repeaters to recover. This automatic rescue mode makes itself evident through yellowish appearance: When a node is in rescue mode its node icons and check-in history will turn yellow. During normal operation one should hardly ever notice the rescue being active but it comes in handy to deal with version incompatibilities, mesh encryption keying issues and much more.

Instant dashboard changes:
Changes made to the dashboard network configuration will be applied instantly on every node in your network. That includes wireless settings, network settings as well as reboots via the dashboard. A notable exception are operational settings like the channel selection and mesh encryption which are delayed by a few minutes allowing every network participant to fetch the dashboard changes before the network become inaccessible.

To participate in our open beta direct your nodes to through the ‘alternate dashboard’ field. To benefit from the new features the network settings have to be changed there too.

Be sure to run the latest firmware-ng testing (ng466) before making the switch to